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Laurel Valley
Ambulance Service

~ An Affiliation of Fayette EMS ~

174 Thirteenth St
New Florence, Pennsylvania 15944

For Emergencies:  Dial 9-1-1

Business Office:  (724) 235-9900

Covering New Florence & Seward Boroughs and St. Clair Township
 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and portions of Fairfield Township & Bolivar
Borough in Westmoreland County and West Wheatfield Township in Indiana County.

Welcome to the Laurel Valley Ambulance Service Online!

Feel free to take a look around and stop back anytime.


The most frequent cause of delays in emergency response is difficulty in locating the address.  The house number should be posted in minimum 3 inch lettering for residences and  minimum 6 inch lettering for businesses.  If the building is over 75 feet from the roadway, the house number must be posted at the end of the driveway as well as on the building.  The color of the numbers should be in contrast to its background (i.e. black numbers on a white post).  It is also helpful to turn any outside lights on and blink it on and off when you see the ambulance coming.  If there is a vehicle outside, turn the 4-ways on.


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